Healing Kids Eczema with Clothing

We often think of skincare when we want to find relief for eczema. We should also be aware of that clothing is also a very important to the eczema healing process. Low quality clothing that is rough and made with loads of chemicals can irritate sensitive skin and prolong the process for the delicate skin barrier to heal itself. 

Clothing constantly comes into direct contact with your body, making many fabrics a top eczema trigger. Common fabrics known to cause a rash or a negative reaction include:

  • Nylon
  • Rayon
  • Spandex
  • Rubber
  • Wool
  • Polyester
  • Latex

Wearing eczema-friendly clothing can help prevent irritation and reduce inflammation. If you have eczema prone skin, soft, breathable fabrics with moisture wicking properties are best.

Clothing that is good for eczema-prone skin are those made with natural fibers, such as organic cotton, bamboo and TENCEL. The fabric should also be free of harmful chemicals such as pesticides, fungicides and herbicides. While cotton and bamboo are quite well known, one lesser known fabric that is TENCEL - a super soft fabric and uses eco-friendly and natural wood pulp fibers.

The Elotte Scratch Sleeves are made of bamboo and covers babies' hands to prevent further damage done by scratching. Not only is the fabric ideal for babies with eczema, the functional design of the Elotte Scratch Sleeve lets babies play while protecting them. 

Once kids are older, they may be a bit better at controlling the scratching themselves. At the same time, a scratch sleeve probably won't prevent them from scratching if they are really itching. Older kids need a base layer that acts as their second skin to protect them from the environment and other fabric that can irritate their skin. Elotte Base Layers were designed exactly with this purpose in mind.

Elotte Base Layers are made from TENCEL and is extremely soft even after many washes. You will notice the difference with the fabrics of your other clothing as soon as you hold a piece of TENCEL clothing. The TENCEL fabric also inhibits the growth of bacteria and is naturally itch suppressing. Designed with kids' lifestyle in mind, Elotte Base Layers are designed with silk arms patches for extra protection with rubbing and knee patches so your precious base layer will last. 

Elotte exists to make children feel good. We believe that gentle, non-toxic clothing is essential for the wellbeing of every child. What your little one wears should feel like a second skin. That way, they can focus on what’s important – playing and taking in all that’s going on around them.