Caring About Your Child's Skin

When my first child was born, I didn't pay much attention to maintaining and protecting that "perfect baby skin". After all, my baby's skin was smooth and soft so it didn't feel like there was a need to use any extra products on it. 

Children's skin is thinner than adults' and more fragile, so bacteria, allergens, and irritants can more easily penetrate the protective barrier and cause rashes or infections. It also loses moisture faster and is more vulnerable to sun damage. All of that means keeping your child's skin clean, hydrated, and problem-free isn't always simple. 

Just like brushing their teeth and making sure they get enough sleep, it's important that we protect our kids' skin from a young age. Aside from getting into a simple skincare routine, we should also pay attention to what can contribute to skin damage. 

The number one contributor to skin damage is of course the UV. That's why it is very important for kids to wear sunscreen and reapply as needed. 


Another contributor that we rarely think about is clothing! Many kids clothing that are cute and fashionable are actually made from cheap fabric that contains harsh chemicals that irritates the skin. 

The next time you shop for cute clothing for your little one, pay attention to the fabric that is used. If your child has eczema or has sensitive skin, it is best to use hypoallergenic materials like bamboo.